white wine grapes

Company Profile

Retallack Viticulture is an independent viticultural consultancy. We offer advisory services in all aspects of viticulture for a changing and challenging environment.


Our special focus is assisting ‘grape growers’ to become ‘wine growers’.

To ensure grapes are grown for 'fit for purpose':

We work alongside vineyard managers to grow healthy vines, produce uniform management units and optimise productivity while achieving fruit quality targets set by fruit purchasers.We aim to maximise your financial margin using our specialist knowledge, attention to detail and diverse ‘hands on’ knowledge to monitor progress against industry benchmarks and best viticultural practices.We value working with both suppliers and grape purchasers to develop long term relationships.


Our clients include:

Individual grape growers

Corporate wine companies

Government departments

Peak Wine Industry bodies (regional, state and national)


We offer:

Personalised Service

Mary will always respond to your enquiry


Viticultural advice provided without bias

Prompt response

Next day reporting where possible

A broad range of knowledge & skills

That are well resourced through strong networks within industry

Tailored service

Providing innovative solutions to difficult problems

Competitive pricing

No additional or hidden costs

CPAg accredited

Our services are industry recognised


Working with grape growers, corporate wine industry, government & peak wine industry bodies