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Recent Projects:

Murray Valley and Riverina Water Use Efficiency Study - 2011/2012

The regions are working collaboratively to monitor their average water use efficiency (WUE).
Murray Valley Winegrapes Cost of Production - 2010/11 and 2008/09

Economic benchmarking data was collected and analysed for two seasons.
Grapevine Biology: Fact Sheet

This information was prepared for Murray Valley Winegrowers.
A guide to negotiating the sale of winegrapes

A booklet that assists growers and purchasers to navigate their way through each stage of a wine grape sale transaction.
Vineyard biodiversity and insect interactions

How to incorporate insectaria (food and shelter for beneficial insects) in and around vineyards to enhance biological control of key pest species.
Enhancing Biodiversity in the vineyard - workshop notes

Workshop notes for winegrowers who are interested in incorporating native vegetation in and around vineyards.
Enhancing Biodiversity in the vineyard - native grass ID cards

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Our professional advice is targeted, current, relevant and tailored to the needs of each individual client.

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  • A ‘second set’ of eyes
  • Site visits can be scheduled at regular intervalsor to correspond with key grapevine growth stages
  • Consultations involve a thorough inspection of each management unit and is followed by a report in which observations and recommendations are offered
  • Development and review of business plans
  • Review of vineyard management and redevelopment budgets
  • Assisting winegrowers to map the strategic direction of their business and adapt to climate change pressures
  • Vineyard pre-purchase audit (due diligence)
  • Review of vineyard performance and capital investment
  • Reporting to shareholders
  • Sustainable (low input) viticultural practices
  • Timely scheduling of vineyard operations to optimise efficiencies
  • Vineyard monitoring
  • Integrated pest management (cultural management options and conventional spray programs) modified to maximise control and to minimise costs
  • Improved vineyard performance (yield and fruit quality)
  • Pruning recommendations to maximise fruitfulness and vine balance
  • Canopy management
  • Annual weed control program
  • Soil management recommendations, salinity management options
  • Interpretation of petiole and soil analysis data
  • Efficient irrigation management in challenging conditions
  • Optimising vine health (including problem solving for unthrifty vines), treating nutrition deficiencies
  • Collection of samples for diagnostic assessment and reporting of issues (pests, disease, nematodes etc)
  • Advice when planning a new vineyard or assessing restructuring optioins for an existing vineyard
  • Review vineyard developments and provision of detailed reports for owner / investors, and/or potential purchasers (due diligence)
  • Specialist and independent expert reports and advice (legal or insurance claims)
  • Loss assessment (spray drift, frost, fire, mechanical damage, animal damage etc)
  • IAMA Accredited Grade 3 Arbitrator and Mediator, click here
  • Wine industry abitration and mediation
  • Expert determinatrion (Australian Wine Industry Code of Conduct), click here
  • Review of grape sale agreements
  • Independent assessment of fruit quality (WGGA/WFA - Independent Expert), click here
  • Fruit condition and purity (incidence and severity) assessment
  • Winery/vineyard liaison

Standardised format for:

  • Vine canopy and fruit (berry sensory analysis) evaluation (condition and quality)
  • Facilitating the batching of fruit parcels
  • Benchmarking changes in vineyard performance (to improve uniformity)
  • Revegetation projects, planting native grasses, establishing insectaria, monitoring insect populations
  • Authorised to approve land management plans for land holders (registration number 07SC05). For more information, click here
  • Project work for funding bodies, grower groups etc (grower extension, research and development)
  • Vineyard financial performance and regional benchmarking studies (using WGGA's VineBiz Financial Ready Reckoner)
  • Fruit quality benchmarking
  • Development and delivery of grower training materials (manuals, workshop notes, fact sheets etc)
  • Delivery of WGGA's VineBiz workshops nationally, click here
  • Connecting people through our extensive networks in the Australian Wine Industry



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